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Learn How To Spey & Switch Cast, When To Spey Fish and Where To Swing Flies

Spey Casting and Fly Fishing Schools by Walt Geryk are recognized as one of the best in the sport throughout North America and is proud to be affiliated with Hardy and Fenwick. These schools, detailing in modern and traditional two-handed spey casting, are offered in various locations in the Northeast, New York, New England, New Brunswick, and the East Coast. Experience Walt's unique ability to teach the technical aspects of every cast. Learn the art of two-handed spey and switch rod fishing. Begin to effectively fly fish with confidence for trout, pacific salmon, steelhead and Atlantic salmon with single and two-handed rods.

Spey Fishing North America Spey Casting Schools

Spey Casting is a style of fly fishing that offers longer casts performed in tighter spaces with less effort. Spey Casting Schools are an important way to learn and understand the proper motions to achieve these effective casts. Spey casting and fishing in North America is a style used in fly fishing that allows for longer casts without elongated overhead back casts. Spey casting can also be achieved with single handed rods of once the basics of spey casing basics are learned. When looking for a spey school, that allows its students to become better spey casters, then Walt Geryk’s Spey Casting & Fly Fishing Schools are the answer.

2019 Schedule

March 1, 2, 3
FlyFishing & Wing Shooting Expo,Lake Harmony, PA
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March 23
Tie One On Fly Tying Rendezvous, E. Syracuse NY
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April 1 into May Available Daily
Salmon River Casting & Fly Fishing Instruction
*How To Target, Fight & Land Steelhead 1 student.
*Arrange personal or group school or lessons Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Spey Fishing Schools, Lessons & Coached Trips: Salmon River NY

May 15 on
Deerfield River Casting & Fly Fishing Courses
set up your personal or group school or lessons

Day Spey Casting School

June 19, 20, 24, 25
Salmon River Casting & Fly Fishing Courses
set up your personal or group school or lessons Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Spey Fishing Schools, Lessons & Coached Trips: Salmon River NY

June 22
Spey Nation, Pineville, NY
Spey Nation Information

July TBA
Atlantic Salmon Classic Event

August TBA
CFFCM Anglers Education Roscoe, NY. sponsored by Dette Trout Flies

August TBA
DetteTrout Flies Open House, Roscoe NY
click here for more info 

*September 6 thru November
Salmon River Casting & Fly Fishing Courses
*How To Target, Fight & Land Steelhead 1 student.
*Arrange personal or group school or lessons.

Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Spey Fishing Schools, Lessons & Coached Trips: Salmon River NY

*September 6th into early November or inclement weather which ever comes first. Two-Handed Casting, Spey and Switch Rod Fishing Classes for the Northeast.

subject to changes without notice

Try Before You Buy

Before making, what you hope to be a proper investment into the two-handed casting world, especially for all you beginners, may I suggest that along with a comprehensive training session that you try equipment combination that fit.
All Spey Doctor's services include a full compliment of equipment for your use. Beginning with the entry level Fenwick Aetos to their mid range World Class Series. Wanting a fly, switch or spey rod you can grow into and have for a lifetime, then you'll find HARDY is the pinnacle of all rods. All rods will be matched up with RIO, Airflo and Royal Wulff products, the finest balanced line combinations available to suit your casting style and ability.

Casting Classes and Lessons
6 hours on the water, equipment supplied.

Single-Handed Fly Casting
Basics to Advanced

Learn the importance of the back cast in relation to the forward casts. Steeple Cast, Roll Cast, Snake Roll, Single and Double Hauls and variations of casts to fish most all conditions.

Two-Handed Casting Basic to Advanced
Learn river right and left casts. Single Spey, Dble Spey, Snap T Snake Rolls, Cack-Handed, C, D Casts and many others.

Spey & Switch Casting and Fishing
Continue to advance your Spey and Scandi casting abilities. Add the Snake Roll to your current abilities and other casting variations needed to adapt to changing conditions. Understanding sink tips, fly tracking, proven presentations and more to increase success.

Single & Two-Handed Casting Schools
Offered in a one day curriculum limited to two rods and a two day limited to four rods.

Learn from one of the best, Hardy North America's Fly Fishing Ambassador, who has mastered a successful teaching style that's easy to understand and fun. For everyone, beginners to experts.

Private Lessons
Tailored to offer the most detailed and comprehensive spey casting instructions available. Learn the most basic to advanced casting techniques.

On the Water Coaching
A practical day to advance your spey casting and fly fishing needs.

Hardy, Fenwick and Greys Rods and Reels, Airflo, Royal Wulff & RIO Products

Recognize Casting Faults
Understand mistakes and learn how to self correct them.

Body Casting
Understand the power and momentum your body core can create. Learn the importance of your body posture and positioning needed to perform effortless casts resulting in added line speeds, longer distances and accuracy.

Balanced Equipment
Understanding the importance of properly matched reels to rods with lines to tips.

Fly Shops...Corporate Outings...Clubs Seminars...Schools...Clinics

Services include the use of Hardy and Fenwick equipment with RIO, Airflo and Royal Wulff products or you may bring your own.
Power V Loop Spey Cast

A Catch & Release Fly Fishing Guide since 1985, Walt Geryk is an instructor and innovator in fly fishing for Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Salmon, Trout, and Striped Bass.
In 2007 his love of two-handed fly fishing prompted him to eventually hang-up his traditional guiding and focus exclusively on single and two-handed casting and fishing instruction.
Now known as The Spey Doctor, Walt has spent thousands of hours perfecting his knowledge as to the “how’s and why’s” of Spey fishing. He happily passes his knowledge to his students and in conversation with others interested. His unique ability to identify and simplify problems people have with their casting and fishing techniques has earned him praise from not only the average fisherman but from some of the titans in the industry.
Slowly and unknowingly, Walt has become one of the “Godfather’s of American Spey”.
Malinda Barna
Malinda's Fly, Spey and Tackle Shop
Altmar, New York

Thanks for a terrific time on the water.
Your passion for two handed casting and teaching was quite evident and infectious.
I really liked the concept of coaching your fishing buddy.  You conveyed the ability to analyze and critique the cast very well. With your help, I felt like I progressed from uncertainty to some sort of proficiency over a short time.
Nicholas Tsapatsaris, M.D.
Burlington, MA

Hi Walt,
Just a note to thank you for the great day spent learning the two handed  Spey Cast.  As you know I had never tried it and your clinic really got me started on the right track.  There is a lot to it, river right, river left, retracing your cast and what I liked the most watching the fly turn right before the forward cast.  You have a great approach for teaching the method and coaching through the steps.  The Deerfield River is an ideal classroom.  Really enjoyed the day.
Many thanks, John Tarrant, Cleverdale, NY

Hardy & Greys North America In-House Spey Specialist

Fenwick Fishing

Royal Wulff Fly Lines

AirFlo:Suporting sponsor of Walt Geryk
Rio Products : Supporting Sponsor of Walt Geryk


Spey Casting and Fly Fishing Schools and lessons are offered in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Brunswick, Canada, and other locations throughout North America. With Walt Geryk and his in-depth knowledge of single and two-handed spey casting and fly fishing, you can advance your skills. Experience Walt's unique ability to teach the technical aspects of each and every cast from the beginning to the fly presentation. Learn to recognize spey casting faults and how to easily correct them. Understand the importance of body posture and positioning.
© Copyright 2013-19 by Walter Geryk and SpeyDoctor.com. All Rights Reserved.